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Conor Oberst works at Anthropologie? what?

so I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday and I didnt like what I saw. I think I've outgrown the jeans/tshirt/tennis shoes fase of my life. It just made me think that Im sick of looking like everyone else in southern california. I remembered that I used to love skirts and I know I have like 30 stashed somewhere. so I pulled those out and some are still really cute and some are atrocious. I gave the atrocious ones to Brooke. So I decided I needed some new outfits. A quick call to T. and I was on my way.

So... how did I drop $283 in Anthropologie in less than an hour? I think the 183 dollar skirt helped a lot. but I got 2 new outfits from there and then askirt and a few tank tops from abercrombie. grand total? $ 503.81. oh and conor oberst works in the thousand oaks mall.

so basically Im really happy right now. My grades were good. 2 As, a B, and a C. The summer has been way chill. good parties at Sal's house, semi drunken sleepovers with Bob. reconnecting with Janean. BTW I cant wait to see her in August. Its going to be awesome. Janean and I in Sac, San Fran, and Santa Cruz? magic.

the only thing keeping me from complete happiness and relaxation is that Curry wont tell me if we're going to Dland on the 17th. so if anyone still talks to him and finds out let me know. peace.

oh yeah and Brooke smokes now too. I blame Jared Morgan for all of us smoking.
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